Scoring In Seattle

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Seattle…GO!  There’s much to see and do and it’s all surrounded by some of the most incredible scenery our country has to offer.  The aquarium should not be missed, you must see the guys throwing fish at Pike Place Market and on a clear day, you can see magnificent Mt. Rainier from the top of the Space Needle. 


The city is a magical gateway to the entire Pacific Northwest.  You can travel south and stop at all the quaint little seaside towns that link the coast like treasured charms on an heirloom bracelet.  Or you can explore breath-taking Puget Sound and hop a ferry that will take you to Victoria, British Columbia for a stroll through colorful Butchart Gardens followed by afternoon tea at the Empress Hotel.  


Seattle’s nickname, “The Emerald City”, is certainly fitting.  It’s an absolutely enchanting place.  Mariners’ right fielder, Ichiro Suzuki surely must agree.  It’s a city he (theoretically) sacrificed a World Series ring for.  At least through 2012, anyway.  Ichiro, like Torii Hunter when he was a Twin, is a player I’ve always hoped to see in an Angels uniform.  Perhaps more fitting would be a Yankees uniform.  Doesn’t Spiderman live in New York City?   


 During the game tonight, Kendry Morales’ second home run sailed over Ichiro’s head and into the seats.  Ichiro watched while perched atop the right field wall.  Does this guy have cleats or suction cups on the bottom of his shoes?  As the ball was launched, Ichiro ran straight toward the wall and without pausing, ran straight UP the wall.  It was like watching Fred Astaire’s famous tap dancing scene in “Royal Wedding”! 


 Only, there were no special effects.  Amazing.  And so were my Angels tonight.  John Lackey had his first real start of the season, going 5 innings and giving up 5 runs (4 earned).  Not exactly spectacular but, with help from his offense, it was his first win.  Seattle scored 3 of their runs first but the Angels responded strongly.  In addition to Kendry’s 2 HR’s (one a two-run shot), Juan Rivera went deep and my Torii Hunter had a base-clearing double, all in the 5th…a 5 run inning.  The Angels combined for a total of 15 hits…not bad after their disastrous weekend in Texas. 


Hopefully, they can stay on track tomorrow and keep Matt Palmer’s winning record intact.  And I’m hoping Detroit will be able to snap the Rangers’ winning streak.  That would certainly help.  Hmmm.  The Angels ARE in the Emerald City.  Maybe they could go ask the Wizard? 



Baseball…built for the road ahead.   



  1. doradobro

    Texas was tough. It won’t last. They can keep hitting but their pitching won’t hold out. The Dodgers are pllaying good but we usually have their number. And no Manny. Glad for that.

  2. raysrenegade

    I still think Seattle is the second most beautiful city is the country. the first is where ever you( the fans) are right now.
    From the docks to the mountains it is truly breathtaking out there….and they have a mutli-use stadium to prevent rain-outs.
    How genius is that. They decided to put a retractable roof on a stadium in a rain zone……………Brilliant!
    The A’s have to take back their division by proving to the M’s that the early debacle was a gift.
    Have fun in Emerald town, and be sure to get a burger at ***** off Broadway.
    You can sing Sir Mix-a-lot while you are eating.

    Rays Renegade

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