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Taking Triplets From Twins

It wasn’t long ago that Angels fans were feeling complete panic after hearing that, not one but TWO, of their best players were headed to the DL.

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Speculation began as to whether the Angels could keep up with the Rangers while Vladimir Guerrero and Torii Hunter spent time on the bench.  But soon, Angels starters began to struggle.  The starting rotation that had kept the Angels in contention in the first place, was having a tough time getting through 3 or 4 innings without giving up an almost insurmountable amount of runs.  Joe Saunders, Ervin Santana and Jered Weaver have all been having problems with their precision and it isn’t pretty.

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With the Rangers not giving up any ground, the Angels would have to rely on their offense to give their starters support and, hopefully, keep winning games.  And they’ve responded to these latest challenges by putting up big numbers as we saw in this last 3 game series with the Twins.  The Angels have become Masters of the Big Inning.

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This was definitely the case when they scored 6 runs in the 11th inning on Friday night.  “Well, that’s going to be a strange looking box score,” I thought to myself when it was over.  Sure enough, my phone rang the next day. 

Mom:  I don’t get it.
Lucky Lori:  Get what?
Mom:  How did the Angels score 6 in overtime?
Lucky Lori:  Well, they hit the ball and scored 6 runs.  In extra innings, not overtime.
Mom:  Don’t they just have to score one more to win?
Lucky Lori:  If they were at home.  They were in Minnesota.
Mom:  Since when does the time zone have anything to do with it?
Lucky Lori:  Since never.  The home team gets to have another at bat.
Mom:  How many times do they get to bat in overtime?
Lucky Lori:  It’s extra innings, Mom.  Overtime is football.
Mom:  You know I hate football…ever since your father made me smuggle beer under my coat into the Rams game when I was seven months pregnant.
Lucky Lori:  Aren’t you missing “Murder, She Wrote”?
Mom:  Aren’t you pushing me to root for the Twins tomorrow?


But I had nothing to worry about.  Not only did the Angels sweep the Twins, they did it with an exclamation point, scoring 35 runs in 3 games on 52 hits.  52 hits in 3 games?!?  Who does that?  All my Angels do.  Everyone did their share.  Bobby Abreu, Mike Napoli, Maicer Izturis, Juan Rivera and Sean Rodriguez each had a home run and Kendry Morales had three, two in Sunday’s game.  Napoli went 4 for 6, Abreu and Rivera went 3 for 5 on Friday.  Gary Matthews, Jr. and Napoli went 3 for 5 on Saturday and Morales went 3 for 5 on Sunday.  


Starters Ervin Santana (Friday) and Joe Saunders (Saturday) each lasted 6 decent innings and had to be happy with the powerful offense that oozed from their teammates.  On Sunday, Jered Weaver took the mound and stunned Angels fans with his new look.

               weaver2.jpg picture by lafmyers

Gone were the trademark flowing, golden locks.  Perhaps in a Vlady-like bid to change his luck, Weaver opted for a buzz-cut.  Did it work?  Well, Weaver went 6 and 1/3 innings and struck-out 11 of the 24 batters he faced, a career high for him.  I’d say it may have done the trick.  I also think he looks less like Jeff Weaver’s brother now and more like another famous sibling.  I can’t find any pics of him sans cap to show you a comparison, but once I do, I’ll post it.  Who do you think he looks like with his not-so-beach-boy-bob?


The Angels are off on Monday then head to US Cellular Field to face the White Sox for 3.  The last 3 game series in May didn’t go well for my Angels.  They lost the first game 3-17 but did manage to pick up the last game.  I’d love to see them power through the Sox and keep on rolling into their Texas series.  Meanwhile, the Rangers will play 4 in Oakland.  Let’s hope the Angels have plenty of hits left in the tank.  Not only do they lead the MLB in hits with 1040, it’s been a blast to watch, hasn’t it?


Baseball…makes you look like you spent a fortune on your hair.




The taste of victory.  It’s delicious, isn’t it?  And I’m sure Angels fans all over the world are sleeping a bit better these days.  Not only have we seen our team turn it around seemingly overnight, we’ve been enjoying many “firsts” associated with all of the recent wins.


We saw my ALL-STAR Torii Hunter hit 3 homers in a game for the first time on Saturday.  Sunday gave us Jered Weaver’s first career shut-out.  He went the distance and kept the Padres off the board, giving up only 5 hits.  He lowered his ERA to 2.08 and is now second in all of baseball, behind Zack Greinke. 


Monday night’s game with the Giants continued this trend of firsts.  Sean Rodriguez had his first home run of the season.  Big John Lackey took a turn at the plate and engaged in a 10 pitch duel with Barry Zito.  Had he struck out at that point, I would’ve been happy just with him burning up that many pitches.  Instead, he had a solid hit up the middle which also gave him his first RBI.  Lackey had a chance to come around and score a run as the Angels exploded for 7 runs in the 4th, knocking Zito out of the game.  Lackey went a full 7 innings, striking out a season high 10 and walking none.  He had a comfortable 7 run lead that dwindled away to a 2 run lead in the 9th after Jepsen gave up a 3 run homer.  But Brian Fuentes came in and got the last out.  Thank you, Brian.  That definitely helps.


And the firsts continue as rookie Sean O’Sullivan makes his major league debut on Tuesday, filling in for starter Ervin Santana who is experiencing some elbow pain.  It’s a little disconcerting to now have the second starter back from rehab, who doesn’t seem to have rehabbed all the way.  But I’m not going to panic.  Matt Palmer has been a worthy substitute in the rotation and O’Sullivan had 16 wins last season with the Cucamonga Quakes.  His pitching style has been described as being a lot like Jered Weaver’s, with great command of his fastball.  At least his debut comes at a time when the Angels have seemed to remember how to hit and score lots of runs.  The Angels have scored a total of 35 runs in their last 4 games.  I’ll be rooting for the rookie, and with a name like Sean O’Sullivan, you know he’ll have the luck of the Irish with him!


With their sweep of the Padres and their win against the Giants Monday night, the Angels have a win streak going.  Do your own math because I’m superstitious and don’t want to jinx it.  It may not be a Colorado Rockies-type win streak, but it’s a WIN STREAK and right now, we’ll take it!


Baseball…manly, yes…but I like it too!