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The Bat’s Where It’s At

One thing I love about the Angels is, when one of their batters is walked intentionally, they almost always make the opposing team:


That’s exactly what happened tonight when the White Sox’s Gavin Floyd walked Kendry Morales to pitch to Juan Rivera.  Juan was more than happy to double in a run and help give Jered Weaver a much deserved win.  Weaver gave up only 4 hits in 8 full innings and Brian Fuentes gave up one hit in the 9th before shutting the Sox down.  Fuentes is tied with Papelbon for most saves in the AL and I am pleased to report he and I are very much in “like” now.  We’re getting there. 


Bobby Abreu had a 2 RBI double in the 6th.  In fact, all 3 of the Angels’ runs came in the 6th.  They won and I’m thrilled (especially since the Yankees did us a favor by beating the Rangers again), but that doesn’t change what I was thinking during the 5th inning.  The Angels have the day off tomorrow.  Should they go to the beach?



Maybe hit the mall?



Should they go see the new Star Trek movie?




Ummmm…no, no and heck NO!!!!  What should they be doing ALL day (and night…that’s what they’ve got lights in the stadium for)????

       Mark Texiera Picture


Batting practice.  Lots and lots of batting practice.



It certainly couldn’t hurt.  We’ve seen the bullpen get their act together (Monday night doesn’t count and we should swear right now to never speak of that game again.  Pinky swear, now!)  but the Angels offense has been pulling up short lately.  If anything, they owe a day of BP to the starters who have pitched some fantastic games but ultimately weren’t rewarded with a W due solely to the lack of run support.  When the Angels combine their usual great hitting with their superior pitching and great running game, they’re absolutely…



 Baseball…once you pop, you just can’t stop.



What The Heck Was That?

My kind of town, Chicago is NOT my kind of town.  Or to paraphrase a Dixie Chick, I’m embarrassed to be from Chicago.  At least today I am.  I don’t like the White Sox and I don’t like what they did to my Angels.  They never bothered me much until Ozzie Guillen became their manager.  He’s obnoxious.  Then there was that whole AJ Pierzynski incident in the ALDS a few years back.  Pierzynski.  He’s even more obnoxious than his manager.  He’s such a little weasel.     

                             weasel.jpg picture by lafmyers

The Angels looked good on Sunday against the Dodgers.  I knew the Rangers would finally have a little competition as they hosted the Yankees for 3, so if the Angels came back to the Big A and played well against the White Sox, they could close that 3 game gap in the west.  With Ervin Santana on the mound and Big Daddy Vlady back in the line-up Monday night, I was feeling pretty confident.  I didn’t panic when the White Sox scored 3 in the 1st.  When the Angels came up in the 1st, they put their own 3 runs on the board.  Or I should say, their ONLY 3 runs on the board.  After that, the Angels pitchers hosted batting practice for the Sox and not only did the Angels lose, they were:


With a disturbing final score of 3-17, it was a game I’m already trying to erase from my memory.  Angels pitchers gave up 24 hits while the Angels offense had a measly 4, with Vlady going 0 for 4.  I can’t think of anything that went right for the Angels.  At least they didn’t make any errors?  White Sox fans had their little chuckle.  Tonight (Tuesday) would be different.  Well, slightly.  It wasn’t as embarrassing a loss, but it was a loss.  And what a shame, considering Joe Saunders had a pretty decent outing.  But it was the offense that struggled.  The Angels only 2 runs came on solo shots by my Torii Hunter and Bobby Abreu…his 1st (hopefully of many) of the season.  Right now, the Rangers are leading the Yankees in the 9th so instead of closing that gap, it could be widened to 4 games.  Jered Weaver will start tomorrow and I hope the Angels can re-group.  A sweep by Chicago would just make me sick! 


Speaking of Chicago, today is my Cubbie-loving grandfather’s 95th birthday!  When I called to wish him a happy birthday, the first thing he said was, “How are your Angels doing?”  He then proceeded to tell me everything that’s wrong with the Cubs.  At 95, he’s sharp as a tack but even sharper when it comes to baseball.  I remember as a child in Chicago, my Poppy leaving the dinner table and heading to the TV room to watch the Cubs game.  I didn’t discover my love (obsession) for baseball until after moving to Southern California, but I did take him to an Angels/Cubs game when he came to visit in ’03.  In October of ’07, his Cubs made the play-offs and I got an idea.  I first called my sister who works for United Airlines, and asked if she could help me with flights if I somehow managed to get tickets for game 3 of the Cubs vs. D-Backs division series at Wrigley.  I’m not giving my secret away, but I did indeed score 2 tickets.  I flew to O’Hare on Friday night and Grandpa picked me up curbside.  (Oh, by the way…he just passed his driving test again!)  The next afternoon, when we walked through the tunnel, I found myself getting all misty-eyed. 

                cubsgame.jpg picture by lafmyers

I’d never been to Wrigley Field before, and here I was with my Poppy.  (Oh, and it didn’t hurt that we had better seats than Jesse Jackson!)  The Cubs lost the game, the D-Backs swept the series and I was on a flight back to OC the next morning, but it was a once in a life-time for me.  Please, for the love of God, can the Cubs get to the World Series again while Grandpa’s still around???

                 cubs2.jpg picture by lafmyers

And speaking of birthdays…my Grandpa has teased me since I was little kid that I’m one day older than he is because his birthday is the 26th and mine was the 25th.  I can only hope to be tearing it up at 95 like my Grandpa is.  How old am I?  A lady never tells her age.  But I’ll give you a hint.  (Maybe you’ll catch it…maybe not.)

jerseys.jpg picture by lafmyers



Baseball…love it for life.


Angels Win + Yankees Lose = Happy Girl!

I left work last night and pulled up to the house.  My husband hopped in the car and we cruised down the 57 freeway.  No, I didn’t have any tickets to the Angels’ opener but my husband thought we should drive over near the stadium with the top down on my new (to me, anyway) convertible to see the flyover.  It was a great idea and I got goose bumps as the F-15’s (or F-18’s or B-52’s…whatever they were…hey, I’m a baseball fan but I’m still a girl) flew over the Big A. 


We then stopped at Portillo’s, picked up a couple of Italian beef sandwiches (yes, born and partially raised in Chicago which explains why I do keep an eye on the Cubbies) and were home by the end of the first inning.

Just the sight of those gorgeous white and red uniforms against that bright, beautiful green grass all framed in my 47″ TV (the new love of my life) made me smile from ear to ear.  Joe Saunders had a great game.  I really like him.  Remember when he pitched right after the Virginia Tech shootings and he wrote “VT” in the dirt of the pitcher’s mound?  Good guy.  


I was a bit disappointed that Vlady wasn’t out in right field.  After hearing how well he’s moving after knee surgery, I was really curious to see him in action. (My first post explains why I didn’t watch a single pre-season game.)  He seemed to be in good form as he sprinted to first base so we’ll see.  But I was glad Juan Rivera got a start in left field.  Just a few years ago, I felt like he was right on the verge of a break-out season…but his only “break” turned out to be a broken leg in winter ball somewhere in the Caribbean.  His comeback has been a little slow but once again, I feel like he’s on the brink of great things.  Oh, and last season I grabbed a couple of front-row field seats to a day game and watched as a little baby bird in right field kept running through his legs and around his feet.  Juan was trying to play his position like a pro while avoiding stepping on the little guy at the same time.  It was so cute and as a Bird Mom (of 10), Juan scored big points with me that day.  But I still refer to him as my “Big Gay Guy”.  I think it’s his and Maicer Izturis’s artfully placed blond highlights.  Again, I’m a girl…we notice these things. 

    jusanrivera.jpg picture by lafmyers

How ’bout Howie’s homerun?  Loved it and his RBI single.  He and Aybar pulled off a perfect double-play in the 2nd too.  So what if he had ONE error…who’s counting?  Oh yeah…they do count those, don’t they?  The crowd gave Saunders a nice ovation for his three-hitter.  Arredondo and my Scotty Shields did their thing and then handed it off to our new closer, Brian Fuentes.  Now I don’t want Jeff Miller of the Orange County Register calling me a racist again (read his disgusting column here), but it was a little refreshing to not see anyone get on base in the 9th, wasn’t it?  I’m no Frankie basher, never was, but let’s just say his move to the Mets means I won’t have to refill my Xanax prescription as often.


I must confess, there’s a little spring in my step today that doesn’t come just from the Angels winning their opener.  Let’s face it…any day the Yankees lose is a good day.  They say money can’t buy happiness.  And the Yankees prove it doesn’t buy championships either. 


Baseball…it’s what’s for dinner.