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Rocky Road

The Angels looked very unprepared for their meeting Monday night with the Colorado Rockies.


The game was an unmitigated disaster, with one notorious notation: the Angels set a club record for wild pitches.  Matt Palmer, in his shortest outing and first loss, gave up 6 runs before he was pulled after 4 and 2/3 innings.  And the Angels’ relievers?  Total meltdown.


Ironically, the final score, 1-11, was the exact same score as the final game in Tampa Bay.  We all know what happened after that game.


Mike Scioscia let the team have it and overnight they began to play like a team who should be in first place in the west.  I want them back.


Tuesday night was an improvement over Monday’s total trampling…not by much, but enough to get the job done.  Rookie Sean O’Sullivan made his second start and although he didn’t get the win, he kept the Rockies from running away with the game.  Angel pitchers kept the Rockies 0 for 10 with runners in scoring position.  Down 2-3 in the 8th, Jeff Mathis took a walk, followed by a pair of bunts by Figgins and Aybar.  The table was perfectly set for Bobby Abreu to drive in 2 runs and the Angels had the lead.  Closer Brian Fuentes took over in the 9th and did his thing, including 2 strikeouts!  He collected his 20th save, most in the AL.  The Angels’ win combined with the Rangers’ loss to the Diamondbacks have the Angels tied for first in the west with Texas. 


I’m sure everyone noticed Vladimir Guerrero’s newly shorn locks, no doubt an attempt to pull himself out of a David Ortiz-like hitting slump.  It may not have helped Tuesday night, but let’s hope it has an effect soon, not just for the team’s sake.  Like Big Papi, it’s tough to watch a hitter like Big Daddy Vlady struggle at the plate.  At least he’s been hitting, but you know he’s trying to find his big swing.  30 of his 36 hits have been singles, not exactly the power we’re used to seeing.   


The series with the Rockies wraps up Wednesday night, then it’s off to Arizona for 3 with the Diamondbacks.  Then we’ll see what the standings look like at the conclusion of interleague play before the Angels head to Texas.  Hopefully by then, the Angels will just be looking to put some distance between themselves and a 2nd place Texas.  In the meantime, every division continues to be a real race.  Gotta love it. 



Baseball…we move the world.



Short and Sweet!

Not the game.  Well, it was sweet, but it was anything but short.  It was a bit like watching a tennis match…back and forth, back and forth.  The Angels scored a run in the 1st; the Red Sox responded with one in the 2nd.  Both teams took turns scoring runs until it was all tied up 4-4 in the 8th.  It stayed that way until the bottom of the 12th.  And then…




Catcher Jeff Mathis brought in the game winning run and the Angels won the game which, in all honesty, should’ve been Boston’s.  Granted, Ervin Santana went a solid 5 innings in his first appearance since coming off the DL.  Abreu, Rivera and Mathis each had two hits and my Torii Hunter had 3 (including 3 RBI’s).  The Angels’ bullpen dug in and held on to the game, aided by some great defensive plays including another spectacular game-saving catch in the 10th by my Torii.  But while the Angels left 6 on base, the Red Sox stranded 17 base runners.


And much is being said today about 12 of those potential runs being left hanging in the wind by David Ortiz.  This tied a Red Sox record…a record I’m sure no one ever expected to be part of Big Papi’s stats.  Even I’m feeling bad for the guy.  My husband would be quick to remind me just how many times I’ve let loose with a handful of expletives while Ortiz rounded the bases after hitting yet another walk-off homer against my Angels. 




Like any Angels fan, I was glad when the powerful one-two punch of Big Papi and Manny was finally dismantled last season.  But I take no joy in watching a mighty giant like David Ortiz looking all too vulnerably human at the plate.  Did I hope he’d find his long-ball swing both times the bases were loaded yesterday?  Ummm…no.  But I do hope the Red Sox Nation can show him the compassion Yankees fans cannot when A-Rod has a bad day.  One negative I’ve discovered with baseball fans is their short memory.  Big Papi doesn’t deserve that.   




In just a few hours, the Angels will battle Texas in the first of a three game series.  I’m confident that the Angels are ready to tame the Rangers and, at the end of the weekend, will be in first place in the wild, wild west.  


Baseball…there’s a little west in all of us.      


Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

My husband called me “moody” today.  What Angels fan isn’t after last night’s heartbreaker of a loss to the Red Sox?  Once again, he just doesn’t know how lucky he is.  I deal with a loss to the Red Sox like this:



Which is considerably better than how I deal with a loss to the Yankees:


                     drunk-cat.jpg drunk cat image by Scyllaya


Phew!  Thank goodness those are few and far between.  Unfortunately, we saw the Angels’ bullpen bumble and give up the game after yet another solid start by Jered Weaver.  Perhaps instead of resting during Saunders and Weaver’s complete games last week, the relievers should have been practicing.




Both Dustin Pedroia and Kevin Youkilis were missing from the the Red Sox line up.  Big Papi and I have the same number of home runs this season…ZERO.  Nonetheless, he took one for the team, and a run came in when he was hit by a pitch.  I hate when that happens.  But last night’s loss can’t be blamed entirely on the pitching.  With only 6 hits, the Angels’ bats were hardly blazing.  And double digits (10) were left on base.  I really hate when that happens. 




One highlight of the game was Juan Rivera’s right-on-target throw to the plate to get Jacoby Ellsbury out, ending the 6th.  Catcher Jeff Mathis made the tag, doing an admirable job as full-time catcher while Mike Napoli is DH-ing.  Mathis and my Torii Hunter (yes, I’m still basking in the afterglow of his magnificent homerun stealing catch at the wall on Sunday) were the only two Angels to have two hits last night.


      Mike Napoli, Jacoby Ellsbury


Today’s a new day, and tonight is a whole new ball game.  We have what looks to be another great pitching match-up with rookie Matt Palmer, looking for win #4, against Tim Wakefield and his famous knuckle ball.  Palmer pitched a shut-out against Kansas City and has been ultra-impressive since being called up from Salt Lake City.  Who’s got the edge?  The veteran who has taken his place among the best of the best or the 30 year old rookie who wants to earn the right to stay in the big leagues?  As usual…I’m rooting for the rookie.


Baseball…tastes so good cats ask for it by name.