Strike-outs In Seattle

My miracle man, Matt Palmer, is now 5-0.  Granted, he didn’t have his A game, but as it turns out, his C+ game was good enough.  Palmer gave up 7 hits (2 were HR’s) and the Angels relievers, who took over after 5 innings, gave the Mariners nothing!  Zilch, zero, nada!


Not even a walk.  Now THAT’S a miracle!  When Brian Fuentes came in to close things out in the 9th, he had only a one-run cushion.  But lo and behold…he struck out the side!  Now, I know I’ve been a little tough on Brian.  But I have to say, I really liked what I saw tonight.  Sure, he had a couple of full counts, that only means he made those critical pitches and kept it together under pressure.  I like that in my men…ummm…I mean, I like that in my closers.


Brian and I have had our issues from the start.  First, he came from the other side of the tracks…the National League…and I didn’t know a whole lot about him. Second, it didn’t help that he thought he could somehow take the place of my Frankie-Baby.                           


If anyone knows what a tough nut I am to crack, it’s Frankie.  It was love at first sight when he popped up during the 2002 post-season and gave me a ring (okay, a replica World Series ring, given out to all 45K fans at the 2003 opener), but I wanted nothing to do with him when he tried to fill the shoes of my one and only, first love forever and ever…


I was the ice queen to K-Rod when my Percy left and it took quite a while for him to get back in my good graces.  Things were good for a while (at least I thought so) but then he left me for the big city…and he didn’t even leave a note!  In April, when all of us Angels fans were hurting, I turned to Brian for comfort.  I needed him to show me that everything was going to be all right.  But he couldn’t or wouldn’t so Brian and I have not had our bonding time…yet. 


Not to mention, I’ve only seen him 12 times so far this season.  Jeez.  I saw Frankie nearly every night last year.  Sure, ours was a volatile relationship.  But that’s what made it so exciting and unpredictable.  No matter how much he’d push my buttons or stress me out, I could count on him to do the right thing in the end.  Yes, I know Brian’s only let me down twice so far, but our relationship is just too new for him to play with my heart like he does some nights.  Tonight was a big step on a long road.  It’ll take some time, but we’ll work it out.  In the meantime though, Matt Palmer and I?  We’re like this: 

                               i-love-lucy.jpg image by rubybagonia


Baseball…it’s so tasty too!




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