Halo Hell

It doesn’t happen often, but after tonight’s game I am at a total loss for words.  Really.  What is there to say?

To homeplate umpire Rick Reed and the rest of his crooked crew, I have just one question:  What exactly was tonight all about? 


Was it this?



Or this?                            

      bribe.jpg image by DilligafJKT



Has the world gone mad?!?

     redsoxyankees.jpg image by make_it_stop


That’s it.  That’s all I’ve got.  Besides, it’s hard to type when you’re crying.  Oh…just one more thing.  Can someone please tell me what, given the remaining AL schedules, needs to happen for the Red Sox to be eliminated from the playoffs?  My head hurts too much to figure it out.  Bitter?  You betcha!!!


Baseball…WTF???  (Okay, so I made that slogan up on my own.  Can you blame me?)




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