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Angels & Demons

Ha!  Just kidding.  Seriously, Angels fans can easily name a handful of other ball clubs they consider much bigger rivals than the Dodgers, (Rangers, A’s, Yankees, Red Sox, White Sox, etc.), but more on that tomorrow.  Friday night’s game was not pretty and I would describe the winning team as the lesser of two evils.  


It just so happens that the winning team was my Angels (yay for me), but it’s not a win anyone’s going to write home about.  Even Chone Figgins, who turned out to be the star of the game, kinda owed his team that 2 RBI single in the 8th after a bit of botched base running in the 7th that kept him from turning his lead-off triple into the go-ahead run.  

     Russell Martin, Chone Figgins

He definitely redeemed himself.  No one else seemed to be able get a hit when it counted.  The Angels were 2 for 17 with runners in scoring position, the Dodgers 1 for 14.  Pitching decided this game and it was the Angels’ bullpen that managed to hold on until Figgie could bring the runs in.  Jered Weaver threw 101 pitches in 5 innings and Clayton Kershaw, 97.  It was all about the relievers after that…Speier, Oliver, Arredondo and Fuentes.  My Torii Hunter made another 2 incredible catches including this one at the wall:

                              Torii Hunter

As he said after the game, he may not have brought the hits but he definitely deprived a few unfortunate Dodgers of their own.  It was a long game and in the end it went our way.  I’d love to see some real run support for John Lackey tomorrow night.  Randy Wolf’s record (2-1) doesn’t really reflect how consistent he’s been lately, but his ERA does: 2.72.  Uh oh.  What’s that noise?  I think I hear the wheels turning!


Yep…here it comes!  “Lori Logic”!!!  Six quality starts in a row?  Looks like Randy-man’s in trouble.  Poor thing.  The odds just aren’t with him.  But it sure looks good for Big John.  We have to count his first start because it was really, really bad so that definitely figures into the logic.  His second start?  It was against the Mariners and he gave up 5 runs in 5 innings.  Pretty stinky.  And there you have it!   Lackey’s got the odds in his pocket but I’ll say no more because, although I believe in my logic, I also believe in the jinx.  So ssshhhh.


Oh, one quick question…after Erick Aybar failed to get the critical bunt down in the ALDS with Boston last year, don’t you think bunting practice should’ve been at the TOP of his “to do” list in spring training??  


He failed miserably in two attempts tonight.  Even the normally calm, cool and collected Mike Scioscia, had a hard time hiding his disappointment.  When Aybar returned to the dugout after his second misfire, Scioscia turned his back and walked away.  (I think he was counting to 10.) 



Somebody’s in trouble.  Hey, I think I just figure out who gets to clean up all of these:




Baseball…eat, spit, be happy.