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Throwing Them A Bone

I’m just kidding.  Continuing the theme of giving credit where credit is due, the Angels fought the good fight but were eventually done in by the Yankees stealing a page from the Angels’ play book. 


(Hey, wait a minute!  Is it me or does she look a little like Kate Hudson?) 

Chad Gaudin was rock-solid through the first 4 innings.  Ervin Santana had some struggles though he managed 7 strike-outs in his 6 innings.  By the time the Angels started to chip away at the Yankees’ 5 run lead, it turned out to be too little, too late.  Tied at the top of the 9th, the Yankees did exactly what they needed to get their go-ahead run and although Mariano Rivera looked a bit shaky, he was able to wrap up the win.  With the win (or the Rangers’ loss), the Yankees became the first team to secure their spot in the playoffs.  I look forward to an Angels / Yankees match-up in the ALCS.  (From my lips to God’s ears…!)


Speaking of playoffs…the Rangers’ loss also took the Angels’ magic number to 5.  Tickets for the Angels’ possible appearance in the ALDS went on sale today.  I say possible because I’m certainly not going to jinx anything.  My MLB Angels Mastercard may or may not have come out of my wallet today.  I’m not telling.  Yet.  But I will say this, I did something five months ago that should guarantee my Angels make it to the World Series.  While I can’t talk about it (obviously), when it happens, I just hope I’ll get MY credit when credit is due.  I’m making a HUGE sacrifice for my Angels.  And my hubby thinks I’m doing it all for him.  Ha.


Wednesday’s third and final regular season game with the Yankees is a day game.  Scott Kazmir faces off against AJ Burnett and I sincerely hope we can get Kazmir another win.  I saw news footage today of the first snow fall in Colorado but I can tell you it’s supposed to be a scorcher here in So. Cal.  The heat, combined with a 12:30 PM game time, will have the stands looking like the Royals are in town but I doubt the game will lack any of the excitement we’ve come to expect when the Bronx Bombers come to Anaheim.  Who’s ready for a re-match?


Baseball…life in motion.