How Hot Is It?

When I finally got to sit down in my air-conditioned family room to watch Saturday’s Angels/Yankees match-up, I was feeling a little bad for all the Angels fans in attendance at the Big A.  Yankee, fans?  Not so much…except for our Jane Heller (Confessions Of A She-Fan), who I knew had made the long drive down from Santa Barbara to see her beloved Yankees close up.  It was the top of the fifth, 90+ degrees and the Angels were losing, 4 to 1. 


As I counted my loot from our yard sale and applied cold aloe vera gel to my sunburned face, I said to myself, “Gee, if only my boys could have a fifth inning like last night!”  Instead of rubbing my face, I might as well have been rubbing one of these:


My wish came true…and how!  The Angels exploded all over Andy Pettitte as well as Yankees relievers, Dave Robertson, Brett Tomko and finally, Phil Coke.  When the smoke cleared, the Angels had won, 14-8.  Jered Weaver had his 10th win of the season and the home runs he gave up to A-Rod and the newest Yankee, Eric Hinske, were basically meaningless considering the crazy run support Weaver received from his teammates.   


Somehow, some way, the Angels continue to be Yankee kryptonite.  The funny thing is, it really doesn’t matter who the Angels are currently playing…they just need to win.  The Rangers are battling it out with the Mariners within their own western division and winning will ideally keep the Angels on the top of the heap.  But there’s no denying the Angels/Yankees rivalry, although the playing field (no pun intended) is certainly a bit more leveled than it was back in 2002 when the Angels’ total payroll was about 1/3478 of the Yankees’.  The great financial divide between the two teams undoubtedly fueled the rivalry and was a definite source of pride when the bargain-basement Angels would wallop the elitist Bronx Bombers.  Ironically, because owner Arte Moreno has loosened the purse strings to attract and compensate some of the best in the business, the Angels’ lack of success in the post-season has become a real bone of contention for fans. 


It’s only natural that with big money comes big expectations.  We’ve already witnessed, as the Angels struggled terribly early on in the season, how quickly some fans became cynical.  Angels fans did not respond to the foibles of the 2002 Angels with disgust or frustration simply because they didn’t expect that rag-tag team to be real championship contenders.  Sure, all fans hoped they could pull it off but it was hardly expected.  If we adopt the notion that a team’s payroll should guarantee a championship season, we risk becoming the type of fans who live and breathe this philosophy.  Simply put, we risk becoming Yankees fans. 


Okay, here’s a little tidbit for all the Yankee fans I just ticked off:  The $236 I made working my *ss off in the sizzling Southern California sun at my yard sale today doesn’t even come close to what I had to pay a plumber to come to my house at 7:00 PM on a Saturday night.  But at least I have this:  2 Angels come-from-behind wins vs. the Yankees…priceless!


Baseball…what’s in your wallet?




  1. raysfanboy

    Great post. Very funny.

    Must feel good to take two impressive wins against the Empire from the East. The Angels are really taking it to them in a way that is surprising everybody–especially after putting Vlad and Torii on the DL.

    Keep it up!

  2. raysfanboy

    You have inspired me to get a yard sale together. The thought of all those quarters…

    Thanks for visiting today. I have to tell you, I think that the Angels are going to be a dangerous team down the stretch. Vlad will get healthy and he WILL hit. Torii will be fine. Santana will return to form and the rest of the team will really gel. I’m worried about when we face you guys in the ALCS. 🙂

  3. raysfanboy

    The Angels sweep the Empire and there isn’t a post up yet!? What’s going on!? Too much partying about the win, I know how it goes. Actually I don’t. I don’t think we’ve ever swept the Yanks.

    Congrats on a great weekend and I hope you guys get healthy for the second half!

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