Got Offense?

The Angels have averaged less than 6 hits in each of their last 4 games.  That just isn’t going to get the job done.  They were lucky to have gotten a win in one of those games, but that can be credited to Jered Weaver and his continuing dominance of White Sox hitters. 


John Lackey had a mediocre night Friday against the Mariners, giving up 5 runs in 7 & 1/3 innings.  The 3-5 loss wasn’t exactly a runaway, but how can the Angels expect to win a game when 6 out of 9 in the line-up were hitless?  I mean, they’re hitting the ball (only 5 outs were strike-outs), but they’re popping up or grounding out.  Juan Rivera had a good night, a very good night.  There were only 5 Angels hits in the entire game and 3 of them were his, including a solor HR in the 5th. 


He also made a Torii-esque catch over the left field wall to rob Russell Branyan of his own HR.  Unfortunately, before the applause in the stadium could even die down, Jose Lopez launched one that did make it over the wall…about a foot and a half beyond Rivera’s reach.  (There’s only so much your defense can do if you’re going to leave ’em dangling right over the plate.)  Juan Rivera had a great 2006 season.  He was an everyday player, either filling in for Garret Anderson in left field or DH-ing.  He had a .310 season, with 23 HR’s and 83 RBI’s.  I felt like he was on the verge of becoming a “major player” (pun intended) in the ’07 season.  Like A-Rod major.    

                                 leg.gif Gingerbread man broken leg image by IJH

Then Juan had to go and break his leg playing winterball.  He wasn’t back until September and only played in 14 games at the tail end of the season.  He had a decent 2008, but played in less than 90 games.  With no shortage of outfielders, who knows how many starts he’ll get but if he continues to hit in the clutch, I hope we’ll see plenty of him in the DH spot.  Mike Napoli did great until his bat got all icy cold.


That’s one thing about Napoli…it’s almost like he’s got an on/off switch.  He’s either hitting up a storm or nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  Yes, Vlady’s back.  But he’s 2-16.  It’s not unusual for one or sometimes two players in the line-up to be going through a drought, but these last few games made me think I should:


But I think I’ll wait until the Angels are out of town.  I would hate to see this weekend’s games rained out.  Definitely not THIS weekend.  THIS weekend I’m a:


Woohoo!  I love my husband, but for 5 days a year I get to:

  • Read a book without someone interrupting me numerous times, telling me to check out the “Die Hard” bike on American Chopper
  • Wear the same pajamas from Friday night to Monday morning without someone threatening to call a hazmat crew
  • Watch a few award-winning, subtitled foreign films without someone asking me how long ’til they show boobies?

But most importantly…I get to watch my Angels games in peace without someone moaning or groaning every time an Angel batter strikes.  More than Christmas, more than Opening Day, more than Sephora’s Annual Friends & Family Sale, I look forward to my husband’s fishing trip to Mexico.  (I’m not allowed to mention which town they visit as every year the guys worry that their sleepy little fishing village will turn into another Cancun.  14 years, still only 1 streetlight.  No problema.) 

For those keeping score…

Friday:    Angels 2
              Mariners 5

              West Coast Hookers  5 Dorado, 1 Black Marlin
              East Coast Bobbers   3 Dorado, 1 hangover


Baseball…get hooked!


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  1. juliasrants

    Offense? My Red Sox need to find some offense!! And I hear you Lori – I love my husband and boys – but when they are all off camping with the Boy Scouts for the weekend it is pure bliss! Can you say red wine and chocolate for dinner? lol!


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