Shutting Out Seattle

Well, they did it to us first.  After Wednesday night’s shut-out of my Angels, I’m sure the Mariners were hoping to take Thursday’s game and split the series, 2-2.  Instead, they were on the receiving end of a shut-out when the Angels brought a foolproof recipe for a win:

                       1 Joe Saunders, itching for a win after a miserable outing in Texas

                       3 Home Runs (If Vlad Guerrero is unavailable, substitute Juan

                          Rivera, Gary Matthews and Howie Kendrick)

                       1 pinch of Scot Shields

                       1 dash of Brian Fuentes

Blend all ingredients well.  Spoon into a diamond-shaped dish and bake at 65 degrees for 2 hours and 46 minutes.  Serve piping hot!  Oh, and stick a fork in the opposing team…they’re DONE!  


Mariners pitchers put up a good fight.  They only yielded 5 hits to the Angels but 3 of them cleared the wall (Kendrick’s was caught by an Angels fan in the upper, upper deck) and made all the difference.  With the Angels taking 3 of 4 in Seattle and the Tigers completing their 3 game sweep of the Rangers, the Angels are now only 2 games out of first place.  They’re flying back to Southern California but will take a detour to Chavez Ravine as they meet the Dodgers for a 3 game “Freeway Series”.  


When the Angels and Dodgers met up last season, they split their 6 games evenly.  I still haven’t forgotten the June 28th game.  It’s certainly hard to forget a loss to the Dodgers especially when the Dodgers didn’t get a single hit but still won the game!  Remember it now?  An error by Jered Weaver put Matt Kemp on first.  An error by Jeff Mathis moved him to third.  Kemp then scored on Blake DeWitt’s sac fly.  It was one of the most bizarre games I’ve ever seen and was only the 5th time in modern baseball history that a game was won by a hitless team.  I would really prefer none of that craziness this time around.


I usually don’t mind a little interleague action.  The Angels take the opportunity to pad the old win column a bit and AL fans get a giggle or two as our pitchers take their turn in the batter’s box.  Even their teammates find it difficult to suppress their laughter when someone like Big John Lackey goes down swinging.  I’ve always thought pitchers should be better hitters or at least should have a pretty easy time drawing a walk.  Wouldn’t you think blackjack dealers would be great blackjack players since they know what’s likely to come out of the shoe?  (More “Lori Logic” as my husband calls it.)  Instead, they slap on a batting helmet and provide some unintentional comedy.


The Angels will have to take this series with the Dodgers very seriously.  While they spend the weekend going up against the best team in all of baseball (at the moment), the Rangers get to play the Astros.  It’ll take the Angels’ A game to keep from losing any ground in the west.  And we can always hope the Rangers are starting to run out of steam.


I must mention, the way the earth’s been shaking around here in Southern California coupled with the Yankees winning 9 in a row, has had me wondering if the apocalypse could be close at hand.  But when David Ortiz finally hit a homerun, I decided it’s just coincidence and we’re beginning to return to normalcy.


Baseball…mmm, mmm good!




  1. Jane Heller

    You raise a great point, Lori. Why don’t pitchers know how to hit? Surely, they had to have a bat in their hands when they were first coming up. Why don’t they take batting practice in the big leagues? I guess teams are afraid they’d get hurt?

  2. juliasrants

    Normalcy is very good Lori! AL pitchers are fun to watch. I hope the earthquakes subside and that all will be safe. And Lori, that you for the kind words you left on my blog! And I have taken the opportunity to post a new blog explaining how I do it all!


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